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Senior multimedia developer, specialized in Unity 3d since 2009.
With a serious background of graphic designer (former Artistic Director), I am able to respond to very visual projects (or not ...), but also to bring my strong skills of developer (database, multiple languages, backend ...).
My passion: image and 3d

October 2021

Carrier Command 2 - Bear

My son is a huge fan of Carrier Command 2. Having been a fan of the original Carrier command myself, more than 30 years ago from now on Atari ST, I decided to model one of the tanks in the game (the "bear") in order to print it.
The size of the model is quite small (about 10 cm) and the large number of details predestines it rather to resin printing (SLA). However, with a scale of 300% or more, it should be possible to do this on a filament printer (FDM).
A next post will be devoted to the printed version soon.
In the meantime, you can download the model for free at Thingiverse.

September 2021

Aquacel Quiz (webgl)

client : Business Stratégie Communication Category : Development

BSC asked me to develop a clinical case study for Convatec in order to highlight their products. The case can be viewed on internet via webGl. It is mac/pc compatible, but also tablets/smartphones.

Questions are asked such as multiple choice question, drag'n drop ... and the answers are counted. An avatar gives a full answer and development to each question.

Statistics are displayed to the customer via a backoffice that I have developed for the occasion (number of connections over a period, statistics of connections by access from urls over a period, level of progress on the quiz, time spent on the module, ratio of right/wrong answers on each question, number of attempts per unique user, conversion rate on webinar access, statistics of os used).

The module has been developed with Unity 2021.1.11f1 (webgl), and the backoffice was developed with php / mysql / html / jQuery. The graphs are produced with CanvasJS.

Unity freelance developer, pharmaceutical industry

September 2021

Convatec Experts

client : Business Stratégie Communication Category : Development

An ambitious project: Convatec Experts is a PC / Mac / iOs / Android software that allows Convatec salespeople to schedule videoconferences with nurses to discuss and carry out clinical case studies in 3d. These case studies are punctuated by qcm and the answers are given either by an avatar, or by the facilitator himself via the video. The software is controlled at each of the users by the animator. The exchanges take place directly. Scores are counted individually. The animator has the possibility to trigger a case from a list of available cases and to monitor its progress as it goes. Users can vote to select the case they prefer, manipulate the 3d to, of course, respond to the questions asked.

The different versions of the software (Windows, Osx, iOs, Android) are compatible with each other. The software was developed under Unity 2021.1.x, exchanges between users is provided by Photon engine (PUN), and video conferencing by webcam by Agora. Identification is provided by an online web service. This software is an internal software reserved for Convatec professionals.

This project took me a lot of work to put everything in place. The cases are dynamically loaded by Addressables which allows the cases to evolve and to add more later.
The compilation of the different versions is ensured by Unity Cloud Build which saved me some precious time.

visio chat Unity, Unity 3d developer, pharmaceutical industry software

April 2021

Lautaret projection table

client : Le Naturographe Category : Development

Still within the field of the Lautaret exhibition, Le Naturographe asked me to develop software that would display a video presenting the evolution of glaciers retreat in the region.The result is projected onto a 3d printed model of the corresponding mountains via a projector.

Control buttons stop the video and display an explanatory text (in three languages: French, English and Italian) at key dates. These buttons are controlled by an Arduino in conjunction with the software. I created a plate for the connection of the buttons, modeled and printed a 3d support for the whole.

The application (Windows) was developed under Unity 3d 2020.1.x + Arduino

Unity 3d developer, Arduino Unity, camera mapping

February 2021

Wish (3d streaming)

client : Talent Making Talent Category : Lab

As part of an unfortunately aborted project, I worked on an interactive event for professionals from the pharmaceutical / medical sector in Qatar. Sanitary conditions meant that the show experience could be replicated online for guests who were invited and who could not attend.
I worked on the 3d development part. The show has been virtually modeled to allow the user to move around and access the various features and sections of the site (chat, live video conferences, various resources, etc.). We used Furioos technology for 3d. This technology allows real-time 3d streaming. Concretely, the 3d is calculated on the Furioos servers and displayed to the users. The undeniable advantage is that it is possible to obtain a "PC" type rendering quality on mobile. The result was quite interesting.The project was therefore developed with Unity 3d 2019.x URP + Furioos.
Unfortunately, for reasons of timing, the 3d version of the project was aborted.

Furioos, 3d streaming with Unity 3d, Unity 3d developer

January 2021

CAI Training (l'Oreal)

client : Prod03 Category : Development

As part of the training of the personnel on site of l'Oreal Cosmetic Active, Prod03 asked me to develop a VR application for Oculus Quest. The application is based on 360° videos, punctuated by multiple choice questions to validate knowledge. It is mandatory to pass all questions in order to validate the training.
The results are stored in a database and a back office allows them to be administered and the delivery of training certificates.

For reasons of confidentiality, I am unable to publicly disclose a video. Contact me for more information.
copyright video : Prod03

The app is of course an internal app and was developed with Unity 3d 2020.1.17f1 for Oculus Quest.

Unity 3d developer, Oculus Quest developer, virtual reality

December 2020


client : Moonrise Category : Development

I just finished the development on a POC ("Proof of Concept") for a 3d tool intended for opticians. I was in charge of the 3d part. The principle is simple: the user places dots on the scanned face of the client (by the iPad's Lidar system), algorithms (developed by Lunetic) then allow the placement and choice of the sizes of glasses in a catalog depending on the data collected. The customer can therefore visualize his face with the glasses of his choice.
The tool is of course linked to a database (models, colors, sizes etc ...) and it allows to generate a basket, take screenshots and place an order to send the result to the customer.The application was developed by Moonrise in Swift for iPad. The Unity 3d module that I implemented has been integrated and dialogues with the native layer.

This professional application is reserved for opticians. Technically, the 3d part was developed with Unity 3d 2020.1.17f1 in URP and exchanges are done in json and xml.

Unity 3d freelance developer, optic, Unity 3d development

September 2020

Alfasigma - A Good Idea for Tomorrow

client : Business Strategie Communication Category : Development

An intra-company game has been ordered to me. Two teams (or more) compete. Each player can propose an idea on a concept imposed by the management (video, image, pdf). The players graduate the proposals of each player on the opposing team. The team with the best average wins the session.The duration of a session is managed by the administrator and usually spans several days.

The objective is to stir up ideas and unite the players around their respective teams in a healthy competition within the company.

The game was developed using Unity 2019.4.4f1 in webGL + MySQL - Php - Javascript - Html.
A back office allows the administrator to manage the players, teams, game sessions, game settings and of course player productions.

unity webgl developoer, web gl

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