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Development of mobile apps, pc, mac, 3d softwares, augmented reality, virtual reality (Oculus, HTC Vive...)
french Unity 3d developer

Senior multimedia developer, specialized in Unity 3d since 2009.
With a serious background of graphic designer (former Artistic Director), I am able to respond to very visual projects (or not ...), but also to bring my strong skills of developer (database, multiple languages, backend ...).
My passion: image and 3d

September 2019 client : Henri 8

Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

Development of an augmented reality application for a pharmaceutical company. The goal of this app is to present the inhibition process of specific molecules on a CMV virus replication scheme compared to its normal replication cycle.
The app has been developed with Unity 2019.2.1f1 + Vuforia for iOs (iPad).
Credit animation - modeling: Henri 8

June 2019

Convatec experts

client : Business Strategie Communication Category : Development

Augmented Reality application for a pharmaceutical company. The purpose of this application is to test the therapeutic knowledge of health professionals, while highlighting the qualities of the product marketed by the company.
A series of markers has been produced. Each marker corresponds to a case study staged by 3d animations. A multiple choice is then proposed. The score is displayed at the end of the process.The application adapts to the power of the device on which it is used by adjusting the quality of the visual effects.
The application is an internal application reserved for an audience of professionals on iOs.

Augmented reality developer in France, Unity 3d developer

May 2019

3d printing

Category : Lab

Working on virtual models is fine, but make them real, is much better.
After scanning in 3d a character with a low end 3d scanner, a bit of manual retouch with Zbrush, I've tried to print it in 3d with a 3d printer (Creality CR10-S). The print height is 15 cm and it has been printed in PLA in 0.15mm. A layer of varnish has been applied to erase a little the stratas effect produced by the printer as thin as it is. The print lasted about 24h, and the result is rather faithful to the original model. Only the 3d scanner is pretty approximate by its quality.Nevertheless, it allowed me to roughly catch the basic forms of the model.
An interesting experience in short.

May 2019

Institut du Monde Arabe

client : Moonrise Category : Development

On the occasion of an event, the Arab World Institute wanted to produce a PC application allowing users to play sports commentators by commenting on the greatest soccer moments of major Arab teams. Novice commentators are filmed and recorded during the broadcast of the action. The video is then played to appreciate the performance and compare it to that of the famous RMC's french sports commentator: Jano Resseguié.
The application was developed with Unity 3d for PC Windows

sport event, soccer

May 2019

New website 2019

Category : News

After nearly 8 years of loyal service, it was time to get a makeover. A new website has just appeared, and for the occasion, a new logo accompanies it. More pro, more 3d. The similarity with the Unity 3d logo is not fortuitous of course. The site is of course responsive. If you encounter anomalies, do not hesitate to report them to me. Good visit...

May 2019

New logo

client : Cecil Isnard Category : Graphics

After nearly 10 years,a new logo was necessary. This version, deliberately very close to the Unity 3d's logo, and more sober than the previous logo, indicates the orientations of the site taken for those past 10 years: 3d development and rigor.The logo has been modeled in 3d of course, and exists especially in CAD model for a possible 3d printing (which may be the subject of a future post in the lab section) ... Stay tuned

logo, 3d modeling

February 2019

Oculus Go virtual tour

Category : Development

After the Samsung Gear VR, I just finished a confidential virtual tour project with Oculus Go. Although I cannot communicate on it, this project will have allowed me to perfect a little more my VR virtual tours system that I developed under Unity 3d (based on videos and 360 photos).I'm trying to improve this system regularly in order to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to most requests on the subject.

Oculus Go, virtual tour, VR developer, Virtual Reality

October 2018

Unity Machine Learning

Category : Lab

A simple test of Machine Learning (Unity 3d).The goal for the agent is to push the ball on the red block with the least bounces possible, the fastest, and without touching the ground.It was necessary to limit the erratic movements and the too large displacements (still a lot of work is necessary at this level). Nevertheless, a few hours of training were enough to obtain a success rate higher than 80%.

AI, artificial intelligence, Unity 3d developer

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